Hive Bodies - 9 5/8"

These hive bodies are 10 frame, unassembled, 100 box minimum order quantity, and order in 50 box increments.

> Hive Body, Mill Run, 10.50 per box

> Hive Body, Mill Run, Predrilled and Countersunk, 10.75 per box

> Hive Body, Thirds, 6.95 per box*, Drill/No Drill


Supers - 6 5/8"

These supers are 10 frame, unassembled, 140 box minimum order quantity, and order in 70 box increments.

> Supers, Mill Run, 8.50 per box

> Supers, Mill Run, Predrilled and Countersunk, 8.75 per box

> Supers, Thirds, 5.95 per box*, Drill/No Drill

Contact Us for 8 frame and different box heights or for other custom product requests.

We are not currently accepting orders for assembled or assembled/painted boxes at this time.

If you are interested in purchasing fewer boxes than our minimum order quantities or if you are interested in purchasing smaller quantities of assembled or assembled/painted boxes, visit our Dealers Page to find the dealer nearest you.

*Thirds disclaimer: When we were just starting our beekeeping operation we couldn't afford what we really wanted and had to make do with boxes like these.  Our bees didn't mind the accommodations.  These 'knotty' boxes have more defects than other suppliers budget grade.  These panels have large knots, long ray type knots, loose knots, missing knots, checks or cracks, knots on the fingers, frame rest, or handhold and other cosmetic type defects like dirty, marred or scratched panels.  The finger joints may or may not be drilled or may have any combination of drilled/not drilled on the same pallet.  They will take extra time and attention to make them work. Sold as is. No returns, refunds, or panel replacements.  These boxes are ordered as available so it is difficult to determine timeframe for delivery. Despite the extra defects and time frame, slots on the order list for these fill up fast so if you are up for trying them out get your order in quickly.