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Commercial Hive Bodies and Supers

  • Inset Frame Rest - strongest design in the industry
  • Optional predrilled and countersunk finger joints
  • New ergonomic finger-fitting handhold design
  • Precision crafted finger joints for quick assembly
  • Sustainably harvested kiln dried ponderosa pine
  • Box Widths - 8 frame, 10 frame and custom widths
  • Box Heights - 9-5/8", 6-5/8" and custom heights
  • We start with a premium grade ponderosa pine:
    • Mill Run - a great mix of Select, Commercial, and Budget
    • Thirds -  the 'knotty' panels as available at a great price

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For the Hobbyists

Here at Bliss Honey we invite you to Come Experience Beekeeping Bliss.  These are the steps to achieve this goal:

          1.  Invest in Quality

          2.  Bee Passionate

          3.  Learn from Experience

          4.  Keep Striving

We all learn from our own experience, and when it comes to starting your first hives we know the importance of learning from the experience of others.  Our dealers are the experts in your community, at the grassroots level, to provide you the support, knowledge, and guidance needed to experience the true bliss of becoming a beekeeper. 

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bees comb

Custom Woodworking Services

We are your source for the high quality hive bodies and supers you've been looking for and Coming Soon we will also be providing high quality frames.   

We also offer other woodworking services to the commercial beekeeper. Do you have something specific you would like made? Boxes with custom dimensions, drill layouts, or handhold placement; unique lids, bottom boards, pallets, etc.  We have cut parts for customers making their own lids, cleats, frame blanks, and custom boxes.  Let us give you a quote.  Serious inquiries only on large order quantities.

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This older inventory will get the job done but will take more time and effort to assemble as it has sat for a season or two.  The low prices reflect the additional labor you'll have in assembly.  We need to make room though so our loss is your gain. Here is an example list of items we have for sale:

  • Older unassembled hive body and super inventory
  • Lengths of 1" x 3/4" stock for making top bars
  • Used beekeeping equipment

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Step 3 - Learn From Experience